Husband and Wife Found A Secret Trap Door Inside Their House What They Found Was Too Cool

secret trap door in houseEvery homeowner dreams of finding a hidden room or secret passage in their house. There could be cool things or hidden treasures left behind. But most of the time, as much as you search every square inch of every room, you will never find anything more than a loose board or a few spare shelving brackets.


This guy, however, found something hidden in his new house that he could never have predicted. After moving in some boxes, he found something deep-seated in his floor that he haven’t noticed before. Little did he know that he will be discovering something cool.

Let’s discover the mind-blowing secret hidden in one of their new home’s closets.

12. Something Different

secret trap door

Imgur user CzarMatt and his wife just bought a new house. So the first they did was put in their things and organize them. Some of their stuff were still even in boxes.

Matt was just mindlessly stacking the boxes inside the closet and wasn’t paying attention to the floor. But after a bit, his wife noticed a panel in the floor and said, “did you know we had a trap door?”

11. The Trap Door

trap door

To his surprise they did. So curiosity got the best of them and decided to explore. After all, they’ll be living there for a while. So they quickly moved the boxes out of the way and hoped to find something awesome there.

There’s nothing more exciting and scary than exploring new things, right?

10. Exploring the Unknown

hidden trap door

Matt and his wife were excited and scared at the same time. Hopefully, there will be no dead bodies down there or something explosive. Immediately, their new home gave them an experience they will never forget.

But what will they find inside? The suspense is unbearable yet they are still cautious until they know everything is clear.

9. Wooden Boxtrap door

At first glance, it looks empty. But when you look closely there is a wooden box tucked on the upper right side. Thankfully nothing exploded and there were no dead bodies.

The wooden box was quite heavy and looked antique. The intricate details and the box were in perfect condition. Looks like this box was well taken care of. We wonder what hold this majestic box?