10 Huge Reasons Why Donald Trump Won the Election

reasons why donald trump won


Donald Trump is now officially the 45th president of the United States of America. Love it or hate it, it’s a fact. Years ago, that statement would have sounded crazy but Trump’s meteoric rise isn’t just some story of a fearless underdog. He is one of the well-known billionaires and is a celebrity himself. He doesn’t need other celebrities to endorse him. But breaking down his strategy, we can clearly see why he won. Despite being welcomed by protests here and there, he is America’s next leader. Let’s break down the Huge Reasons Why Donald Trump Won the Election.

10. Anger At The Elites

donald trump anti elite

The Americans are angry. They’re angry at an elite who survived the financial crisis without any pain. Angry at the Congress that can’t pass laws to help people. Angry at a media that sees them as hillbillies, rednecks, and racists and most of all, they’re angry at their lack of opportunities. It’s the death of the American dream.

Maybe if the government or privileged had responded with sympathy, there wouldn’t be this much anger. But nobody did and neither did and will Clinton. For many people left behind, only an outsider like Trump could help and rescue them from the mess they’re in. For a billionaire, he’s surprisingly not a snob but we’ll see about that.

9. Hunger For Change

barrack obama change

Change, that’s the only constant thing in the world. And after two terms of the Democrats holding the presidency, people were already hungry for change. Yet few saw Trump’s victory coming. So what happened? Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan.

Even in 2008, Americans were getting fed up with Washington and the elites. Let’s remember, Obama was the “outsider” candidate. He was young and promised “Hope” and “Change.” But miserably failed to bring the desired change. If anything, corruption got worse. The people are fed up and they’ve gone for another candidate who promises to shake things up, for better or for worse.

 8. Democrat Failures

democrat failures

Hillary Clinton was the weakest Democratic candidate ever nominated for president, enough said. She had a ton of baggage from the Bill Clinton White House, an ongoing email scandal, a scandal over US deaths in Benghazi, multiple corruption scandals, to name a few.

She was running as a second Clinton when the people had already learned their lesson from the Bush’s. Joe Biden was a more established candidate or Bernie Sanders if they wanted an outsider. Either candidate would have stood a better chance than Hillary. Instead, fate intervened and we are carefully watching our newly elected president.

7. Polling Errors

presidential poll 2016

The absurd 95% chance of victory given to Clinton by almost all pollsters seems outrageous. It also without a doubt affected the election even possibly costing Clinton the presidency. Since July, nearly all polls have shown Clinton winning. There was even a buzz of a Democratic landslide. As a result, they got lazy. Clinton skipped campaigning in traditionally Democratic states and didn’t even spend much time in battlegrounds and swing states, seeing all of them as a sealed deal.

Voters reacted, too. When Nate Silver gave Clinton only a 64% chance of winning, Democrats accused him of fabricating statistics to drive traffic to his website. This “head in the sand” approach allowed them to ignore growing public anger until it was too late.

6. White Anger


We are all aware that some of Trump’s supporters are openly racist. Let’s take David Duke, for example, the former grand wizard of the KKK. Trump won by winning the white vote across every single demographic except college-educated women. That, we know why. He did this by cunningly tapping into “white anxieties.”

The days when America was a white country are over. America is expected to become a majority-minority nation by 2040. The media consistently describes whites as a privileged elite. Campus and online activism have become so identity-focused that many feel constricted. Even when these issues are exaggerated, they’re real and still scary. Donald Trump was outwardly the only candidate who listened.