How Unroll.Me Can Drastically Improve your Inbox

Tips for Reducing Distractions with Unroll Me

Whether you are working at the office or at home, distractions can be unwelcome and annoying. If you are already feeling bored in your tasks or lacking inspiration, you may give in to these distractions for lack of anything better to do. However, every distraction, no matter how little, can take away your concentration from your task at hand. If you are looking for ways to get your focus back and limit distractions so that you can be more productive wherever you are, consider signing up for Unroll Me. is a simple service that you can use for unsubscribing from emails that you do not want. Not only can this service get rid of unwanted emails, but also it can put the emails that you choose to keep into a weekly roundup. Rather than looking at sales emails and newsletters multiple times per day, you can keep them to once per week, thereby saving you plenty of time.

Set Limits for Checking Your Phone and Email

Your first step should be to tell yourself that you cannot be constantly checking your cell phone or your email account. By realizing that even important emails or calls can be handled later, you are giving yourself permission to spend time on your own work rather than on other people’s work. Unroll Me can help you by significantly limiting the number of emails that you get in the first place.

Eliminate Irritating and Unnecessary Notifications

Do you ever feel that your phone beeps at you or your laptop pops up with a notification at the worst possible times? Even if you choose not to check these notifications, you may quickly find that they still distract you, making it difficult for you to get back to what you were doing. Consider turning off notifications, badges, banners and popups on your cell phone, computer, tablet and other devices you use. Only keep on notifications for telephone calls. By using Unroll Me to unsubscribe from unwanted group emails, you will also find that many of your email notifications decrease significantly.

Check Emails in Groups Rather Than Individually

Unroll Me has an excellent feature that allows you to combine the subscribed group emails that you do choose to keep into one simple weekly email. Called “The Rollup,” this email lets you see all the emails from stores, subscriptions services and more in which you are interested while eliminating the hassle of having to sift through dozens of these emails every day.


As you can see, is certainly a helpful app that can help you limit distractions at home or at work and that can help you get your work time to be more productive overall. The signup process is certainly simple, and you are constantly in charge of what you want the service to do for you. By getting rid of distractions in these three simple ways, you are setting yourself up for increased success in your job.