How to Buy CBD Oil for Dogs

As the popularity of hemp continues to spread, so does the demand for CBD oil for dogs among pet owners. This is no surprise because CBD oil has been proven to have immense benefits, especially for pups. If you’re considering getting this cannabis extract for your furry best friend, then you couldn’t have made a better decision. But, note, with the little regulation of the 2018 Farm Bill, comes a plethora of low-quality sellers looking to make some quick cash out of dog-lovers. That is why we put together a guide to help you choose a product that’ll greatly benefit the health of your pup.

Check the Certificate of Analysis

The Certificate of analysis, commonly referred to as COA, contains lab testing results for the CBD oil you are planning on purchasing for your pup. This Certificate is essential as it offers more info on the product provided. It should be present on the seller’s website or their shop. Any legitimate seller will proudly display or even show you this Certificate without you asking for it because they have nothing to hide. Therefore, if you can’t find the COA on the website, steer clear from that seller.

Opt for Organic Grown Hemp

Unlike most plants, hemp can pull toxins from the soil. This, in turn, exposes your dog to potentially harmful substances and may end up doing more bad than good. In that light, it is essential you only opt for CBD oil for dogs made from organically grown hemp as only then can you be sure that it is free from toxins, herbicides, pesticides or any other chemicals.

Stick to Full Spectrum

By now, there’s a high chance you may have come across the terms, CBD isolate, and full-spectrum CBD. CBD isolate is precisely what the name suggests. That is, it only contains CBD. Full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs, on the other hand, contains a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes that naturally occur in hemp.

Both types of CBD are great, but it’s wise you stick to full-spectrum CBD as it contains a variety of compounds that work together to offer the entourage effect.

Opt for a Product with Zero THC

THC is the cannabis compound that makes you high. Note, dogs are super sensitive to it, and even the slightest traces can affect your pooch. In that light, while most CBD products from hemp often contain 0.3% THC, we highly suggest you look for CBD oil for dogs with no detectable THC. Information on the amount of THC on a CBD product is often present in the earlier mentioned COA, which is why it’s essential you start your shopping by reviewing that Certificate. 

Beware of Low Price

We all like to get the best bang for our bucks. It is, therefore, normal to be drawn to lowly priced products. While a low price can, at times, offer you value for your money, this metric doesn’t apply to CBD products. Why? The process of CBD extraction is quite expensive. Therefore, a cheap or lowly priced CBD oil means there’s a high chance the manufacturer skimped on quality so that they could make some quick bucks.

Most people aren’t familiar with CBD oil for humans leave alone CBD oil for dogs. With the guide above, you can be confident that you are choosing the perfect product for your four-legged best friend.