How Many Cars, Boats and Planes Does Donald Trump Own? Here’s The Top 12

FeaturedTrumpDonald Trump has been in the news more in the last few weeks than anyone else on the planet. The Republican nominee for President is about as polarizing as a person can be. Whether you agree with Donald Trump’s ideologies or not, you can’t deny that the guy is a very rich man. And as with most very rich people, he has a fairly impressive list of vehicles he owns. Not only ones you can drive, but also ones that you can fly and take out on the water. Here is a look at Donald Trump’s top 12 vehicles.

#12 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car

001--12-2011-chevrolet-camaro-indy-500-pace--00149c47edbced011dc51a042d33905eNot only did Donald Trump buy the official pace car for the Indy 500, he was actually supposed to drive it. Unfortunately, he had some scheduling conflicts and couldn’t make it happen. This is a true one of a kind vehicle and of course Trump just had to have it. But that’s not even his rarest car. Click through to see more!

#11 Rolls Royce Phantom

002--11-rolls-royce-phantom-499413The mark of a truly rich and successful businessman is a Rolls Royce. While there are tons of other expensive cars, few are luxurious and prestigious as a Rolls Royce. And the Phantom is the best of the best and for Trump, that is the standard when it comes to his vehicles. So much so, that this isn’t even the only one in his garage…

#10 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

003--10-rolls-royce-silver-cloud-499446While most people have a beater for their first car, that wasn’t the case for Donald Trump. In fact, his very first car was a Rolls Royce, which is a sign that the had a pretty tough childhood (sarcasm). In all seriousness, Trump had expensive tastes at an early age and it’s no shock that his first car was a nice one. It wasn’t the last amazing car he’d own. Check out the next slide!

#9 2003 Mercedes SLR McLaren

2003 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLarenYou have likely seen pictures of this car before. That is because the 03 McLaren is among the most popular sports cars for the rich and famous. The car is an absolute head turner and if Donald Trump loves anything more than money, it is attention, which makes this car perfect for him. Let’s get off the ground for the next slide…

#8 Trump Chopper

005--8-trump-chopper-499428Not only does Trump need to drive in style, he also has to fly in style. And while tons of celebs have private jets, few have their own helicopter with their name plastered all over the side. He has also, in recent years, gotten an updated Trump Chopper 2.0. The Donald isn’t the only Trump family member with an elite ride. Check out what he got for his ex-wife in the next slide.