12 Hotties Get Screwed After Asking The Internet For Photoshop Help

7. Highlight Of His Life

This girl’s first mistake was not explaining what a highlight is in makeup terms. Her second mistake was not knowing there is a tool specifically for highlighting. Her third mistake was making her hand easy to insert a writing utensil. Our next subject in #6 made the mistake of wanting to look like Kim Kardashian.


6. Almost Got The Rump The Right Size

First of all, when you ask a graphic artist to make your booty “bigggerrr” you will be penalized. It is important to be concise and correct in your grammar when speaking with a Photoshop guru. Otherwise, they are going to use up the entire frame of the image you provided.

5. Longer Legs Indeed

The problem with questioning your self-image is a lack of outside perspective. “Hayley J” looks perfect in the original image. It’s a good thing James Fridman came along to show her that longer legs aren’t what she needed. The foxy girl in #4 didn’t need an adjustment, but her dad definitely did.


4. Father Of The Fox

Her father is probably saying, “there’s no way this girl is my daughter.” They look nothing alike! It’s a little more awkward that your dad is chilling on a public beach in a tiny speedo. Fridman could have added some shorts while he was at it. He obviously had more images to correct.

3. Just About Anything

Please, do not ask a graphic artist to do “just about anything” on a picture you provide. You open yourself to just about any situation a mind can come up with. Luckily, James Fridman is an honorable human being and just decided to cover her up. The following bikini-clad babe in #2 really learned her lesson about spell check.