This Homeless Man Lives Better Than Most New Yorkers

#7 He’s Not The First To Live There

006-7-he-s-not-the-first-to-live-there-852983Carlos was not the first resident of the subway hole in the ground. He actually found the place because a friend suggested it! The friend obviously no longer needed the space so he offered it up to Carlos! What he has is something many people without homes only dream of possessing! But there’s still one thing that makes this home extra special…

#6 One Thing Sets His Home Apart

007-6-one-thing-sets-his-home-apart-852985Sure, Carlos may have found a safe and warm place to live, but that’s not even the best part of it all. He was actually able to wire the place to have electricity! For a man living alone in such a small space, he doesn’t use enough for anyone to notice. And it’s given him more than he could ever ask for.

#5 He’s Living Decently

008-5-he-s-living-decently-852987Now, Carlos has light to read and see during the dark hours of the night. When a train comes, Carlos does have to hide so as to not worry anyone on the train who might see him. But with the electricity, he doesn’t have to hide out in the dark. There’s one more thing that still makes Carlos’s home all the more unique.

#4 He Has A Fridge!

009-4-he-has-a-fridge-852989That’s right, Carlos’s tiny hole is actually equipped with a mini fridge and a microwave! Carlos is able to get things by going through the garbage or saving up change he buys! This way, he’s able to store food for much longer and has things you wouldn’t be able to without a fridge.

#3 He Can Cook His Own Food

010-3-he-can-cook-his-own-food-852991Carlos also now has the ability to cook his own food because of a microwave and burner. This allows him to actually cook healthy food and make meals last instead of relying on perishable goods or unhealthy fast food! He’s able to do this all without having to pay a dime in rent or utilities.