This Homeless Man Lives Better Than Most New Yorkers

Think about your own home. It’s filled with the things you love, probably some people you love and has seemingly whatever you may need. Sure, we could always use nice new appliances, trendy decor, and comfier furniture. But most people would say they’re grateful for the place they can call home.

So what would you do if all of that was gone one day? Where could you go, if anywhere? Luckily, some of us have friends or families that could take us in. But for many, there’s no place left to go other than the streets.

But one man named Carlos didn’t let this get in the way of him finding a place he could call his own. You won’t believe what he has in #9!


#12 New York Is A Massive City

001-12-new-york-is-a-massive-city-852971New York currently has a population of over 8 million residents! That’s a pretty massive amount of people, even for a large city. Because of this and more and more people migrating towards the city, the rent is out of control. Unfortunately, many people have lost their homes because of high prices. And there’s something else about the population that you won’t believe.

#11 They Have A Massive Homeless Population

002-11-they-have-a-massive-homeless-populat-852974The truth about the New York City population is that for every 147 residents, one of them is homeless. That amounts to be over 50,000 people who are forced to live in homeless shelters, or worse, on the streets. But there’s one man who found a way to survive comfortably in this concrete jungle as a homeless man.

#10 One Man Thinks He Has The Answers

003-10-one-man-thinks-he-has-the-answers-852976Obviously, being homeless is undesirable as you’re forced to make the street your new home. But not only is it just plain uncomfortable, but it’s dangerous as well! You don’t have a home to protect you from thieves and other criminals, so not only are your belongings at risk, but your body is as well. But one man, Carlos, has found a way to protect himself from these elements while remaining homeless!

#9 He’s Found A Home In A Hole

004-9-he-s-found-a-home-in-a-hole-852979Carlos has found himself a hole inside a New York City subway tunnel! That’s right, that’s him popping out of a literal hole in the ground. People don’t normally fantasize about finding a hole in the subway tunnel to live in, but for the homeless population, this is a dream come true!

#8 It’s In The Perfect Spot

005-8-it-s-in-the-perfect-spot-852981Carlos’s hole in the ground is the perfect spot. He’s hidden from obvious effects of weather and harsh New York precipitation, and he’s also able to hide from criminals looking to steal any money or belongings he has. What he is doing is also illegal, but with such a secretive spot, he hasn’t been caught yet!