Hilarious Pics Of People Staring At Kim Kardashian’s Butt

Reality television personality, actress, and model Kim Kardashian has made tens of millions of dollars with her name and likeness. She’s signed deals for everything from smartphone games to beauty products, television shows, modeling campaigns, and social media advertisements. Kim is famous for her brand and the work she does to cultivate it, of course, but there’s simply no denying that certain parts of her really seem to make her money and grab everyone’s attention.


There’s plenty of evidence, too! Check out this roundup of snapshots showing moments when people around Kim were caught checking out her curves.


12. Quick Glance

Here’s Kim with her close friend Jonathan Cheban arriving at Zuma Japanese Restaurant at Miami’s EPIC Hotel. The guy wearing white in the background is clearly catching a glance as she passes by. She looks awesome in this bandage dress and that sky-high pair of patent leather Christian Louboutins.

11. Usher Doesn’t Hide It

Usher’s expression is priceless in this red carpet shot of Kim. Yeah, it’s safe to say that there should be no shame in checking her out. The beading and print on that dress look awesome from the front, and it undoubtedly looks just as good from the back.

10. Securing The Ropes

Busted. While a few onlookers are snapping photos to share with their friends, the suited man behind Kim is definitely staring straight at her ass while securing the ropes for the entryway in this photo from Cannes, France. Really, with a beautifully detailed dress that tight, who wouldn’t stare?

9. Sister, Sister

Here are Kim and Khloé exiting the Trump Tower in New York City. Whether the gentleman in the background is a part of hotel management or security detail, it doesn’t matter—it’s not every day that you have a chance to take a look at two Kardashians at once.

8. Lunch With A View

Here’s another snap from Paris of Kim and Kanye out during the day. The people seated at the table have quite a view of Kimye’s set of backsides, and they appear to be checking out both husband and wife. Imagine if you were seeing the couple in person for the first time—you’d likely be making a similar expression.