Hikers Stumbled Upon A Dog In A Box, Then Realized Something Had Been Protecting Him…

6. Benny’s Companion

Out from the trees came this tired, chocolate-coloured Labrador. Although it was sad to find another stray dog, Leslie was comforted by the fact that Benny had not been alone. As the new dog approached the team, Leslie was instantly concerned with the how the new dog would react to humans around Benny. Keeping a close eye on the new dog, they calmly attended to Benny.


The Labrador was estimated to be around one-year-old and refused to leave Benny’s side. It was obvious that this mysterious dog was Benny’s buddy. Leslie explained, “She watched everything from afar, not leaving the area, just staring at her friend.” The rescue team soon named her Betty, but like her, they were extremely concerned with Benny’s health. They must work quickly to save his life.

5. Finally Rescued

Betty’s cry for attention would have to wait. It was wonderful news to see that she looked healthy, but Benny needed to see a veterinary immediately. So Benny was rushed to a nearby emergency clinic, where vets were able to identify the actual measure of his condition and injuries. Although unsurprising, Leslie was told that the laceration on his leg was deep, and critical enough to result in a bone infection.

However, while Benny was receiving treatment, the rest of The Underdog Project team returned to Dowdy’s Ferry to check out Betty. Betty had not moved from the roadside where Benny was taken away. Without any issues, they were able to approach Betty and rescue her as well. But what would happen to both dogs? And would Betty and Benny see each other again?

4. No Dog Gets Left Behind

The dogs needed a home, but it seemed harsh to separate them. The Underdog Project immediately put out an emergency call to the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC (RDRNYC). The RDRNYC are honored for helping dogs in the most desperate situations. Their Facebook page appropriately says what they do, “don’t leave dogs behind…ever.” They responded, and were happy to take both Betty and Benny.

Despite the good news that both dogs would be given help and a new home, Benny was far from perfect health. The RDRNYC posted in a January 2017 Facebook post that Benny was still in a critical condition, “Benny is on an IV as he is completely dehydrated, weak and starved. X-rays were taken of Benny’s leg and chest. His head is very swollen, and the medical staff are continuing to run tests to figure out why.”

3. Benny’s Vet Bill

The RDRNYC shared another post reflecting on how Benny came to be in such a heartbreaking condition; “Our hearts break. Thinking about Benny day after day, night after night in the cold, in pain, living in this box”. The sickening treatment Benny had received from his previous owners had taken its toll on Benny, and it’s hard to believe that anybody could ever treat an animal in such a way. The extent of Benny’s injuries is summed up in this $2056 bill!

There’s no doubt Benny needed the surgery, and the RDRNYC certainly wasn’t going to deny him the treatment he needed. And things were only going to get worse. Benny’s health complications and injuries were not fixed overnight. He needed ongoing treatment and medication to ease his pain. All-in-all, that $2056 bill was soon over $3000! To cover the bills, they were forced to appeal for financial assistance.

2. New Lives

However, as any dog owner would tell you, despite all the pain, abandonment and suffering, Benny’s incredible spirit refused to be discouraged. Leslie told The Dodo that Benny still loves all the attention; “Benny is still friendly, loving [and] loves toys. He doesn’t mind being touched and cleaned up. He’s a regular dog.” As for Betty, the RDRNYC described the protective pup as sweet and gentle. Who wouldn’t want these two dogs in their lives?!

The Dodo also spoke with RDRNYC co-founder Stacey Silverstein about the future of these two amazing dogs. Silverstein said, “We plan to bring Benny and Betty up to New York as soon as they can travel so that they can be adopted, We promise to give Betty the life she was always meant to have, one where she will be a cherished and a beloved family member.” It’s comforting to know groups like the RDRNYC and The Underdog Project are there for dogs that have been abandoned and abused.