Hikers Stumbled Upon A Dog In A Box, Then Realized Something Had Been Protecting Him…

10. What’s Inside The Box?

While enjoying a walk in their nearby woods, the rescuers came across a weird box in the middle of nowhere. As they approached it, they see a tired dog lying inside on a blanket trying to get warm. He had no food, no water, and no roof to shield him from the heat and rain. But most importantly, there was clearly no owner nearby. But it wasn’t long before the realized the dog wasn’t alone.

The rescuers found the dog in an area called Dowdy’s Ferry in Dallas, Texas. Despite being just 15 minutes away from the nearby town, this place was very different. Sadly, this area is known for being a location where animals are often abandoned. It’s quiet and isolated enough so that they won’t be seen, but close enough to town that their pet will eventually and hopefully be rescued by a kind soul.