These Hikers Were In The Right Place At The Right Time To Save A Life


When we go on hikes, it’s to get away from the grind and enjoy the natural world that surrounds us. The forest is generally quiet with only the sounds of the wind whispering through the trees and the pitter patter of the occasional squirrel climbing up a branch.

For these Australian hikers, this time was extraordinarily different. While they just thought they were going on a relaxing, meditative walk through the woods, what happened to them was far from it.

Read on to see what they discovered on their journey and why they were almost brought to tears in the middle of the woods. It’s an amazing, unexpected story that will stick with you all day.


12. An Innocent Trip

001-12-an-innocent-trip-881979A man, his wife, and his father decided to go out and find a secluded spot to hike in Mount Glorious National Park in the D’Aguilar Range northwest of Brisbane City in Austrailia. Their goal was to find rock pools, but what they found instead completely blew them away.