Hidden Secrets: What These 15 Cities Around the World Have in Common

5. Madrid, Spainmadrid

Travel bug Fodor rated Madrid’s nightlife as the best in the world. Why? Because here the party goes all night long, till day break and drinks flow like water. Not to mention the tapas are always served steaming hot. Did I mention that Spaniards are one of the most attractive people in the planet? With a seemingly endless nightlife, party goers are definitely bound to misbehave.

4. New York, New Yorknewyork

Also called, The City of Dreams or The Big Apple. The city where dreams are made and apparently a hedonism capital. Who wouldn’t be surprised as New York is the inspiration behind the popular series, where four women’s lives revolve around having steamy fun, making love, and other spicy activities. Free spirited equals a pleasure-seeking lifestyle.

3. Ottawa, Canada


Ottawa, home of the hottest and recently hacked forbidden companion website, Ashley Madison. Now that the private details have been released, it showed that more than an average number of its residents were registered to the site. One in five residents were subscribed, and that’s a lot! Their slogan, “Life is short, have an affair,” really stuck with the people. Extra-marital affairs were on a high, something not to be happy about.

2. Paris, France


It’s long been known that Paris is not only The City of Lights but also the best city in the world for romance. And according to “Travel + Leisure,” it’s still the best in the world. The steamy kind of romance that is. There must be something in the water or in the way they talk that definitely adds to the air of sensuality. Love is always in the air and that means people get busy all year round.

1. Cambridge, Englandcambridge

When it comes to lovemaking appetite, Cambridge is the most liberated city in the UK, based on a survey. It revealed that people in this city get busy more than the average British. Singles go for more casual fun than the rest of the country while 1 in 5 married people said they would cheat on their spouses if given the opportunity. Yikes!

Casual fun, loose morals, and plenty more unrestrained activities. Some cities really seem to have it all. However, it’s not all fun and games when marriages and health are at risk for the sake of having a good time.