Hidden Secrets: What These 15 Cities Around the World Have in Common

There are tons of cities around the world that are popular for different things. Some for their food, some fashion, others beaches and many more. But how about living a hedonistic lifestyle? While most cities around the world frown upon that, there are some cities that openly embrace the lifestyle. From bare skins, live shows, and interesting nightlife to name a few. Although it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, there may be some adventurous souls looking for a different kind of fun. Something a bit steamier in nature. So if this is your idea of fun then stick around so you can write down some on your bucket list or if you’re just curious then you’re welcome too!

15. Cap d’ Agde, France


The naturist capital of the world. ┬áThis city is famous for its garmentless attire beaches. But wait it doesn’t stop there. People even shop, run errands and walk around unclad all over the city! There’s one rule, though, taking photos is not allowed. So if you’re thinking of going here, don’t bother with the camera.