Hero Cop Saves Dumpster Baby, They Finally Meet 25 Years Later

One November morning, Michael Buelna, a police officer based in Santa Ana, California, found something that would change anyone’s life forever.


He was out working on a criminal case as he was walking through a secluded area and heard a baby’s cries. He moved to investigate and determined that the cries came from a nearby dumpster.

Hidden behind the dumpster was a newborn child. Michael rescued that child and 25 years later, their paths crossed again in very different circumstances. Here’s the whole story of the baby and the policeman who saved his life one November morning.


12. The Call

That November night was bitterly cold, and Michael Beulna had pulled a hard shift. He was sent out to investigate a stabbing that had occurred in the neighborhood a few days prior. He was flagged down by some concerned residents who’d heard a baby’s cries in the street.

11. Bad News

The baby was not well when Michael found him. The umbilical cord was still in place. The child was covered in dirt and slime. He was barely breathing. It was clear that the baby needed help and quickly. Michael rushed him to hospital and on the way gave the baby a name – Adam.

10. Happy And Healthy

Michael Buelna’s intervention was perfect timing for little Adam. The hospital quickly managed to treat Adam’s plight and soon he was happy and healthy again. He weighed just four pounds when they placed him on the scales, but there was a bigger problem in Adam’s future – his parents did not want him.

9. Great News

Many unwanted children find themselves stuck inside a foster system for years, but Adam was lucky. While Officer Buelna had been considering adopting the boy, another set of parents, Elizabeth Barton and Daniel Fernandez, came forward and swiftly adopted Adam – though they changed his name to Robin at this point.

8. Childhood And Truth

Robin’s adoption went well. His new family was kind and loving, and they raised him well and took exceptionally good care of him. However, at the back of the couple’s minds was always the question of how and when they would explain Robin’s life story to him.