Here Are The 12 Most Heavily-Armed States In The USA

#8 Nevada



This state is largely a desert, and almost three-quarters of people in the state live in Clark County. Nevada also has a reputation for their libertarian laws. But despite them being lax about certain things, they definitely take guns quite seriously as the state has 19.5 guns per 1000 residents, which means the state has about 55,000 guns in total.

#7 Alabama


Alabama is in the heart of the south and has a very diverse economy that spans from finance, to automotive, to aerospace and more. One thing the state definitely likes is their guns. They have about 20 guns per 1000 residents which means there are almost 100,000 total in the state.

#6 Idaho


Idaho is a very mountainous state that was the 43rd state to join the USA. The state is also known as the “Gem State” as nearly all types of gemstones can be found in its various mountain ranges. In addition to gems, you can find a ton of guns in the state, almost 40,000 in total. That adds up to roughly 24.2 guns per 1000 residents.

#5 Virginia


Virginia is without a doubt one of the most historic states in the country. Not only was it the first colonial possession, it was also the birthplace of 8 different Presidents, which is more than any other state. There are 30.1 guns per 1000 residents, which equates to almost 250,000 guns.

#4 New Mexico


New Mexico was inhabited by indigenous people for thousands of years before Europeans began to explore. This state, similar to Nevada, is also home to a lot of desert area. And also like Nevada, this place is home to a lot of guns. There are 40.5 guns per 1000 residents, which equates to about 85,000 registered firearms.