Here are 18 World War II Facts That You Won’t Believe

FeaturedWWIITo date, World War II is the biggest war in history. The war began in 1939 and lasted until 1945 and was the deadliest war in history. The war featured nearly every nation on the planet being involved in some way, including all the major powers of the time. Many people today simply don’t know just how major this conflict was, and how it blurred the lines between civilian and military resources. This war changed the lives of nearly everyone on the planet in one way or another. Here are 18 unbelievable facts about World War II that will leave you speechless, especially number 15.

#18 Dachau Actually Opened Years Before the War Started

001--18-dachau-actually-opened-years-before--3ec4d1ee43723e38f3a157bb37cc007eThe concentration camp named Dachau was actually created in 1933, many years before the war even began and grew to over 100 subcamps. And while a ton of people were killed here, it is not even close to the deadliest concentration camp out there, which we talk about in slide #9. I bet you had no idea about this next WWII fact…

#17 Hitler Actually Only Declared War on One Country

002--17-hitler-actually-only-declared-war-on-4100c352810f5c2695696e00f1929224In this war, there were very few countries on the planet that weren’t involved in some way, including pretty much every single super power in the world. But despite all this involvement, the only country that Hitler ever declared war on was the United States, despite the fact Germany ended up battling a ton of different countries.

#16 More People Died in the Air Than You Would Have Expected

003--16-more-people-died-in-the-air-than-you-292364In a fact that not many people would believe, more people actually died in the U.S Air Cops than in the Marines. In fact, you had 30 required missions, and the odds of surviving these was only about 30%. For another unbelievable fact about the U.S Air Force, check out the 16th entry on this list.

#15 The Amount of Polish Individuals That Died is Staggering

004--15-the-amount-of-polish-individuals-tha-705eca7ec8dd5557d8be39ec69e02ee4Pretty much every country involved in the war took significant losses in terms of casualties in the war. Millions of people from dozens of countries perished. But no country was harder hit than Poland. In fact, almost 20% of the entire Polish population died during World War II, the highest of any country involved in the war.

#14 Leningrad Was Perhaps the Biggest and Costliest Siege of the War

005--14-leningrad-was-perhaps-the-biggest-an-292368This was an amazingly long and brutal siege and was one of the biggest events of the war. This siege lasted nearly two and a half years (lasting between September 8, 1941 – January 27, 1944) and had millions of casualties, the most of any siege in the war. Check out slide #7 to see another major siege in the conflict.