Here are 18 of the Richest and Most Powerful People in the USA


There is no doubt that the USA is amongst the most powerful and wealthiest countries in the world. And because of this fact, there is no shortage of rich and powerful individuals in the states. These people control billions and billions of dollars and hold a ton of power to boot, and they come from different ways of life as well. So here are 18 of the richest and most powerful people in the USA, in no particular order. And while you’ll definitely know some of the names on this list, some you likely won’t, like the people in the number 5 spot.

#18 Ginni Rometty

001--18-ginni-rometty-304953When it comes to IT and tech companies, IBM is one of the biggest and most iconic tech companies in the industry. This makes IBM’s CEO Rometty one of the most powerful people in tech as her company employs nearly 400,000 people. Another amazingly powerful woman who owns a majorly successful company comes in at number 10.