Here Are 18 of the Most Shocking Scandals in the History of the Olympics


Of all the massive amounts of sports competitions, tournaments and events out there, none get more eyes than the Olympics. For example, the last Super Bowl got about 167 Million U.S viewers as well as a few million from elsewhere. Compare that to the 3.6 Billion or so people that watched the Olympics and you see how huge of an event it is. And with the event being so huge, the scandals that come out of the Olympics are also massive and you simply won’t believe some of the things that people have done. Read on and find out.

#18 The Black Power Salute in 1968

001--18-the-black-power-salute-in-1968-208189During the 1968 Olympic games in Mexico, the American Civil Rights Movement was in full swing. After Tommie Smith and John Carlos were on the podium following their gold and bronze medals in the 200M, they performed the black power salute which, at the time, most people associated with extremism and violence. You may have remembered this next one from back in 2000…