Here are 18 of the Most Beautiful Brazilian Models Out There

#13 Caroline Trentini

006--13-caroline-trentini-7a28c74e31c1f8225350c3d3e10917c8Like the previous model, Caroline Trentini looks unlike most Brazilian models with her doll-like features and fair complexion. This unique look has helped her land some huge deals with some big companies. An agent discovered Trentini walking down the street. The agent who discovered this beauty also discovered the model that appears at number 10 on this list.

#12 Jeisa Chiminazzo

007--12-jeisa-chiminazzo-db4817475305c2668f9975f4046d61d3This model was discovered way back in 1998 when she was only 13 years old. And since then, she has gone on to be one of the most successful runway models on the planet. She has walked for almost all of the top fashion brands and has appeared on Vogue covers in 9 different countries.

#11 Cintia Dicker

008--11-cintia-dicker-3d03749a980ca79d563ccdc90499d74bLike a lot of the models on this list, Cintia is gorgeous. But her look is fairly unique and I bet you have never seen another model that looks like her. This unique look has helped her appear on tons of different magazine covers, which has given her enough wealth to support various different children’s charities in Brazil.

#10 Gisele Bundchen

009--10-gisele-bundchen-073bbdaf96d311b646dc384cb0aca6eeNo one in modeling makes more money than Gisele Bundchen. She brings in over $125,000 a day from her ad campaigns alone and is worth a staggering $360 Million and has done about all you can do in modeling. But her career wasn’t always this good as some designers wouldn’t take her because of her “big nose.”

#9 Emanuela de Paula

010--9-emanuela-de-paula-309005This model has one of the most recognizable faces on this list, as she is the face of UK retailer, Next. Her modeling is so well done that she is often highly recommended by industry legends and professionals like Naomi Campbell. Look for her career to continue to skyrocket in the coming years. Although Paula is beautiful, you will fall in love with this next model…