Here are 18 of the Most Beautiful Brazilian Models Out There

FeaturedModelsThe world is full of beautiful people. Whatever your taste and preference in a person are there is surely someone out there who is “take your breath away” beautiful to you. And while every country and nationality definitely have their share of beauties, there is something about Brazilian’s that just drive others wild. Whether it is their amazing bodies, caramel skin or sexy accents, Brazilian models are legendary for their beauty. So read on and learn about and see 18 of the most beautiful Brazilian models out there, with number 5 really being something special, she will surely make your jaw drop.

#18 Izabel Goulart

001--18-izabel-goulart-c6eaf29242e8fb1cccc5f2b282e5892bThis beauty is definitely a great way to kick off this article. She is not only a Victoria’s Secret Angel but was also the face of Armani Exchange. She is very tall and slim and while that works for her now, she was actually bullied for it in school when kids called her “giraffe.” Who’s the one laughing now? If you thought she was beautiful, wait until you check out this next beauty…

#17 Lais Ribeiro

002--17-lais-ribeiro-308983Not only is Ribeiro a stunning model, she is also the mother of a seven-year-old boy, which you would never guess by looking at her. She recently joined the Victoria’s Secret family on top of her other modeling jobs. Along with her beauty, she also has a great heart as she often does work for various charities.

#16 Alessandra Ambrosio

003--16-alessandra-ambrosio-453bd9390749ea90d259b58d9f0b5f6dWhile Ambrosio is definitely best known for her role walking down the runway as a Victoria’s Secret angel, she also has an extensive resume in the industry. She has modeled for a ton of the top brands such as Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren. Sorry boys, Ambrosio has been engaged to businessman Jamie Mazur, founder of RE/DONE, since 2008.

#15 Marlon Teixeira

004--15-marlon-teixeira-308987That’s right, models can also be male. While Brazil is undoubtedly home to some of the most beautiful female models, Teixeira is evidence that there are some handsome men there too. He has his grandma to thank for his career as she introduced him to an executive. Check out the 8th entry for another of the most popular male models from Brazil.

#14 Ana Beatriz Barros

005--14-ana-beatriz-barros--b6a754f4da3257c4f2c28a85d2c343f5Despite her rather fair skin tone, she is most definitely Brazilian. She has one of the most unique and beautiful looks on this list and has modeled for a number of the top brands such as Dior, Chanel, and Gucci. She also had a lavish wedding in 2015 which a ton of other models attended. Barros is beautiful, but just wait until you see this next Brazilian model…