Here Are 12 Celebrities Who Apparently Smell Awful

When we often think of celebrities, we think of them as the best of the best. Not only are most of these people stunningly gorgeous, but they are also often richer than we can ever imagine. It is hard to find one area where we are doing better than them, but now, we might have one. While we may not look as good or be as talented as some of these stars, we might have better personal hygiene. That’s right, these 12 celebrities are said to smell awful. The star that comes in at number 8 was an utter SHOCK to our senses!


#12 Kristen Stewart

001--12-kristen-stewart-637099Whether you like her and the movies she has been in or not, you can’t help but agree with the fact that the “Twilight” films were huge. However, so is star Kristen Stewart’s cloud of body odor. Stewart refuses to wear perfume and admits to sweating quite a bit. The lady that comes in at the number 10 spot is another popular actress that might shock you.

#11 Russell Crowe

002--11-russell-crowe-637101Crowe has played a number of important roles throughout his career, including his legendary role in “Gladiator.” Unfortunately, he apparently smells pretty bad. According to a few sources (including Joan Rivers), he was not the guy that you would want to stand behind in a line or next to while waiting for the bus.

#10 Emma Stone

003--10-emma-stone-cc64688eb581f707b2c9185140a4cd04There is no doubting that Emma Stone is among the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. Unfortunately, her smell doesn’t match up with her looks. She has admitted that she smells, and has compared it to cat pee and ammonia. This could be a sign of some issues with her diet.

#9 Johnny Depp

004--9-johnny-depp-eba31f7b535167b495063941f17ea35fDepp is without a doubt one of the richest and most successful actors in Hollywood. While he is a good looking dude, he also has a fairly unique look. He goes for the “ratty” look fairly often and it seems his smell would line up with that, as he is not the biggest fan of taking showers.

#8 Beyonce

005--8-beyonce-637107That’s right, perhaps the biggest female musical act on the planet right now has found herself on this list. There is no doubting she is beautiful and talented, but it also appears that she has an issue with odor as well. According to people close to her, her breath can be fairly difficult to deal with.