Handyman Transforms Old Van Into A Traveler’s Dream

7. Let The Light Shine

006-7-let-the-light-shine-874365This guy sure can gut a van, use a skill saw, measure, cut, and install insulation, not to mention all the little details in between. He did, however, have to call in the big guns to cut a whole in the roof and unsurprisingly, those guns were his dad’s! Here’s Zach father doing the roof cutting. Also, what could he want a hole in the roof for, right? Just wait and see!

6. Treasure Hunting

007-6-treasure-hunting-874395After the roof was cut, Zach was ready to take on another project. He’s evidently pretty good at being creative and transforming someone else’s junk into new, amazing treasures. Here’s the van with a load of lath that looks like it was left on the side of the road. What do you suppose he will do with all that?

5. Decorative Ceiling

008-5-decorative-ceiling-874434Zach cleaned up the old plaster lath that was given to him for free from a local church. He sanded it, stained it, and installed it on the ceiling. To get the spacing straight and even he used a template he also made and marked on the plywood. He used a pin nailer to attach it.

4. Starting To Come Together

009-4-starting-to-come-together-874649After several more steps including installing a ceiling fan (that’s what that hole was for!), Zach started attaching the plywood walls he cut. For these, he also used a template and had many small gaps to fill in with smaller pieces and Bondo. He even had to soak some pieces in water to make them more flexible before attaching. He is a photo of the structure he built for a bed.

3. Project Complete

010-3-project-complete-874747And here it is! The bed fits snugly in the back of his van, complete with a removable table, chalkboard walls, and blackout curtains to make it even cozier. He doesn’t just have a bed back there, though. Zach also made a kitchenette with a two-burner stove, fridge, and lights attached to a dimmer switch. He also installed solar panels. For real.