Handyman Transforms Old Van Into A Traveler’s Dream


Back in the 1950’s, families who wanted to get away from it all would pack up their RV and take a road trip. They’d find a good campsite and enjoy the great outdoors. These recreational vehicles were a popular way to take the family on vacations. But the days of the boring old RV are over and instead, people are finding other awesome ways to travel the U.S.

Take Reddit’s ZachBoth for example. He renovated his dirty, old van and the result is amazing. Take a look at how incredible his new van is now and try not to be inspired to do the same thing to your vehicle! You won’t believe it!


12. A Dream Is A Wish

001-12-a-dream-is-a-wish-873939Zach took to Reddit to share the progress of this incredible transformation from the very beginning to the end and the first part of every successfully completed project is a dream. Zach certainly had a big dream, though he stuck with it until the end and we are so thankful he did!