This Guy’s Restoration Of A 1969 Mustang Will Rev Your Engine!

8. Exterior Improvements

The next step was to give the car a brand new beautiful paint job. To save some money, Grant decided to add the coat of Bondo and prime, which he decided to do at home. When working on a car like this, restoration can get ludicrously expensive but check out the job Grant did in slide #7!

7. Already An Improvement

It’s incredible what a coat of primer can do to improve the aesthetic look of the old junker. Doesn’t it already look like a brand new vehicle? The next step was to add new accessories, interior work, and to decide on a final color for his new baby in slide #6.

6. Leave This To The Professionals

Adding a base coat of primer is one thing, but giving her a brand new coat of paint is something that is best left to the professionals. Grant found his person and decided on this classic-looking silver base. It would not have been my first choice, but it looks gorgeous so far!

5. Prepping For The Racing Stripe

Next, Grant and his co-restorers prepped the car to add a racing stripe down the center of the hood. No 1960s Mustang is complete without a sleek stripe to show the other cars on the road that this monster is not to be messed with. Check out the change on slide #4.

4. Racing Stripe Success

Just when you thought it couldn’t look any better, the racing stripe adds a whole new dynamic to the old car. It’s already pretty apparent that Grant had the exact vision of what he wanted the car to look like before he got started on this lengthy project.