This Guy’s Restoration Of A 1969 Mustang Will Rev Your Engine!

Many of us dream of restoring an old car to its original condition, but most of us lack the mechanical expertise to achieve such a lofty goal.


Grant is a reddit user known as glang25, and he has an affinity for 1960s muscle cars and always wanted to restore one to factory quality. He gradually saved enough money to purchase an old 1969 Ford Mustang that had definitely seen much better days. The problem was, he was not a serious mechanic and was forced to learn the restoration process through trial and error.

Check out his amazing progression that led to one of the most beautiful restorations we’ve ever seen.

12. Scouring The Internet

His web-based search led to the discovery of this beauty on Craigslist. Ok, so she’s not beautiful now, but you can imagine what this baby looked like in her prime. It isn’t clear exactly how much Grant paid for this rust bucket, but it probably wasn’t much.

11. In A Previous Life

What is clear is the amount of potential Grant saw in the car. He was obviously hungrier with his eyes more than his stomach because he got himself into a world of work. The previous owner sent Grant this photo of the car when she was initially retired from the road.

10. With A Little Help From My Friends

With the help of friends and acquaintances, Grant got to work on the restoration process. Dedicating a little bit of time in between his career, appointments, errands, and other obligations, Grant got to work on assessing the damage and determining the parts he would eventually need to restore the Mustang to its former glory.

9. Her First Spin

After a few months of internal engine work and a set of brand new tires, Grant took her out to attempt the first drive in what could have been years. His heart came to a near-stop when he put the key into the ignition. He took a breath and turned it over for the first time since he bought her!