This Grandmother Didn’t Live To See Her Sexual Abuser Brought To Justice

Living alone can be extremely liberating and relaxing. You get to have your own personal space and live as you want without question, and this can be especially freeing for senior citizens. Being able to keep your independence long into your later years can be a complete blessing, but one grandmother experienced a horrific nightmare in the comfort of her own home.

A grandmother named Dorothy Darnel from New Westminster, British Columbia was brutally attacked and sexually assaulted in her home on October 4, 1996, and it took over 20 years for her abuser to be brought to justice. You won’t believe the outcome in slide #3!

7. Living Alone Can Make You Especially Susceptible To Danger


Senior citizens can enjoy the independence of living on their own, but they may become targets of unexpected crime. Dorothy Darnel of British Columbia, Canada enjoyed being an extremely independent senior citizen, but this became an awful nightmare when she became the victim of a vicious assault in 1996 that would change the course of her life.