Girl Puts BF On Blast For Cheating: Then He Drops A Huge Bomb

You’ve heard it all before. Girlfriend finds boyfriend cheating on her and then posts something scandalous on social media to out him. The post goes viral and he is abused online and universally humiliated, but what if we told you this story has a twist? In this story, the boyfriend flips the script and drops a huge bombshell.

To find out what that is, you’ll have to keep reading.

8. The Girlfriend Started With An Angry Post

She started off by publishing an angry post featuring a photo of her boyfriend getting close with someone else. She accused the boyfriend of waiting until she was at work before he called his side chick over for some action. In the post, she hurled insults at him and his new girl.

Think this is scandalous? It’s only just the beginning. Click through to see how her boyfriend retaliated.