This Giant Cat Fight Between A Lion And A Leopard Is Insanely Epic

Africa is known for its insane and ruthless animal predators. There is a huge food chain in place in the African savanna, and every animal knows to watch out for the big cats that roam the open grasslands.


Witnessing a creature hunting and attacking something smaller than itself is commonplace, but what happens when two dominant animals go claw to claw? This male lion attacking a leopard is nothing short of legendary, and this huge predator has surely met his match.

Slide #6 will have you in absolute awe of these beautiful animals and the skills they use to survive! Don’t wake an African powerhouse if you’re not willing to get scratched.

12. Leopards Are Breathtaking Beauties

Leopards are obviously very nice to look at, but the best advice would be to not get too close. It’s actually recommended to stay far away. These big cats are fast, fit, and powerful, and your chances of outrunning one are pretty slim. This leopard at the Sabi Sands private game reserve is about to get some unexpected company, and things get intense really fast.

11. The Mighty Lion Has Found Some Fair Competition

This male lion spots the leopard off into the distance, and he is immediately interested in his fellow feline. Lions don’t usually go after prey of similar size and strength, but this lion seems to be ready to test his luck and prove his dominance. The next slide shows he is willing to go the distance to get a rise out of the unexpecting leopard.

10. He Begins To Stalk His Purring Prey

This lion is not going to let this go with a fight. He continues to walk towards the unattentive leopard that is sitting calmly on a mound. The cat is out of the bag — the king of the jungle is ready to take over the African savanna. Little does he know, his leopard prey has totally different plans on how to spend the afternoon.

9. The Sleepy Leopard Is More Concerned About A Cat Nap

Naps are one of the greatest luxuries of life, and this leopard is ready to indulge. The leopard gets comfortable and attempts to get some shut-eye, unaware that a male lion is getting ready to make his grand, unwelcome entrance. Slide #7 shows how short-lived this leopard’s power nap turns out to be, despite the animal’s best efforts.