15 of The Funniest Facebook Status Updates

Facebook provides the feature of status update to enable its users to express their ideas on important matters and their whereabouts etc. There are normally short descriptions that do not go into details on what they talk about. While some people are sensible in making their updates there are others that make funny Facebook status updates. Some of them are amusing to read. They are so funny if you go online you could find collections of such funny Facebook status updates. It is well known that Facebook is a tool that allows people to contact their friends and relatives, upload their pictures in order to make others aware of what people do. All friends of a member could view them all and comment on them. At the same time they could like them too. Facebook status updates also could be liked by friends of owners of pages. When people make funny status updates, those who read get confused whether they like them or not.

However, it is interesting to look at some of the funny Facebook status updates. Here is a collection you could enjoy reading. While some of them may surprise you there are others that are so funny that you could laugh even later when you get reminded about them. In case you have received such comments you are welcome to share them with us. When you are in this social media for a couple of years it is quite possible for you to get still better ones. Many of these funny Facebook status updates have been made by children and teenagers. Some of them are about what they have learned in schools. There are also some cute ones that are genuinely written by children of school going age giving the exact ways they think about things.

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