15 of The Funniest Facebook Status Updates

Facebook provides the feature of status update to enable its users to express their ideas on important matters and their whereabouts etc. There are normally short descriptions that do not go into details on what they talk about. While some people are sensible in making their updates there are others that make funny Facebook status updates. Some of them are amusing to read. They are so funny if you go online you could find collections of such funny Facebook status updates. It is well known that Facebook is a tool that allows people to contact their friends and relatives, upload their pictures in order to make others aware of what people do. All friends of a member could view them all and comment on them. At the same time they could like them too. Facebook status updates also could be liked by friends of owners of pages. When people make funny status updates, those who read get confused whether they like them or not.

However, it is interesting to look at some of the funny Facebook status updates. Here is a collection you could enjoy reading. While some of them may surprise you there are others that are so funny that you could laugh even later when you get reminded about them. In case you have received such comments you are welcome to share them with us. When you are in this social media for a couple of years it is quite possible for you to get still better ones. Many of these funny Facebook status updates have been made by children and teenagers. Some of them are about what they have learned in schools. There are also some cute ones that are genuinely written by children of school going age giving the exact ways they think about things.

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1- Sun or Star
Sun or Star

Student does not seem to agree with the teacher. Teacher declared that sun was a star but the student seems to be a science students and knows what a star is and how it differs from a sun. Ultimately logic will prevail but we got a funny Facebook status.

2- Independence Day Earlier
Independence a Day Earlier

Talking about 4th of July, the independence day of the United States that it is celebrated on 3rd of July. Probably there are special arrangements to avoid a day off because 4th July falls on Monday. Definitely government is trying to save resources.

3- Off to University
On Way to No Where

Definitely the message is one sided asking for no answer. The sender is either going to sleep, or commiting suicide. But in the end giving a clue— going to university probably where he will be involved with so many things and things around him will keep him awfully busy.

4- Old Days’ Hashtag
Good Old Days

Wow what a myopic thinking. Thinking in modern terms and time frame only. Son asking,”Why James Bond is running”. “To make a phone call”, answers dad. “Why not from his cell phone?” comments the kid.

5- “Board”
Board or Bored

Adament to tell that he is “board” but had he selected a chess board, the situation would have been different because of the sudden an dinteresting movements of chess pieces. Funny Facebook status attaches no hopes so far because he respelled chalkboard as chalkbored only.

6- Pork Loin
Italian Food

Said was not yet done. There was pork loin recipes and more from the expert chefs o fthe restaurant but it remains a “lion” by all means. The term pork loin is two different parts of the pig as in northern Italy, also known as loin or sirloin. This mix of Italian and English gave us a very funny Facebook status

7- Sum of 60+60=1:20
Math Confusion

Not sure how the microwave works if we make the dial a calculator, yet to learn. This seems a smart move but let me tell that mathematician is also confused by BEDMAS in this question where 100 / 2 x 3 + 1=  believe it to be 151—— Am I correct? but note down the funny Facebook status

8- Elevator Display
Which Floor?

Right when we have Ground Floor and then Ist but what happens when elevator also stops at mezanine floor too. So floor-I seems more logical as elevator would also stop at basement and then sub basement etc etc. Who cares to think like an architect, but it is definitely a funny Facebook status.

9- Exploring Africa
Africa Explored

Not sure whether Africa is a continent or a country. But he is not in a hurry, would confirm the fact later in semester. No hurry no worry but that makes funny Facebook status

10- Now or Never
Immediate Attention

A very smart condition levied on comments. Long ago near a beach some one wrote “son of a bitch pissing here”. Who wants to relieve himself there? Neither him nor you I am sure! The funny Facebook status has an incentive for being number one.

11- Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

Need not to be embarrassed as Marilyn Monroe died back in 1962 and saved all those who loved her on facebook. She is long gone but remembering her gave funny Facebook status today.

12- Civil War
Civil War

Student is worried about his studies only – war or no war. Not interested in reasons or after effects of civil war but what are its effects on studies or curricula becomes a question of concern as well as question of fact.