The Funniest PhotoBombs Ever

25. I seal you guys!

The penguins are busy, but this seal is very happy! What a perfect timing to take a photo! Non of the penguins are looking, but the seal is smiling at the camera. The main purpose of this picture are for the penguins, but this cute seal just owned it!

26. Hey! pay attention to me!

It’s seems that they’re enjoying these animals but they forgot to check on someone, the bird! This pal is very curious on the camera so he checked it then boom, an epic photobomb by him. We know that the people in the picture is having fun checking these animals, but what more if they pay attention to this bird.

27. Someone likes what he sees.

Red carpet, this is where all people try to showcase their style, just like this celebrity right here. But, someone on the background looks like he likes what he is seeing, especially on his height, it’s not that obvious whether where he is looking at. But, honestly, it’s a bit awkward, right?

28. Let me teach you how to dougie.

Sleepover at a friend’s house is awesome. Most of the girls do that, and what do they usually do before sleeping? Hmmm, eating midnight snacks and telling stories about boys, maybe? But the experience will never be complete without a selfie. Well, we now know that they did that, but got photobombed by a dog. Good job there, doggie!

29. That water is cold. brrrrrr… oh snap!

Isn’t she lovely? But, what’s going on at the girl behind her? Is she mad? I guess she is co’z of her top. In this photo, most men will notice the girl behind than the girl in front, right. Why? I know you know the answer. Anyway, the only bad thing here is that the person who’s holding the camera captured something else

30. Hey! Take a picture of me!

Looks like there’s a pet show going on and that black dog is really awesome, but I think in this photo it is the husky who has just won the hearts of many. He is so adorable photobombing that black dog. Do you think he’s cute or dangerous? Hmmmm, he could be both. But bottomline here is that in this photo, he owned the black dog.

31. Look a bird! Oh it’s not. wait what?!

We usually see a bird flying on the view, but in this picture, isn’t that a cat? That supercat is trying to get into the picture. This one is quite hilarious. You can expect to see a jumping cat but never on that place. It’s like the cat is just passing by the mountains. Supercat is going to save the day! Meow!

32. Hands where i can see them ladies. Yeah that’s it..

I don’t know why these girls are posing like they are being arrested. But, the dog looks like he’s the one responsible for this. But why does the dog look sad? Doesn’t he like what the girls are doing behind him or does it irritates him? Either of that, this is still a good photobomb.

33. Peace and Hate.

The peace kid seems lonely, but take a look at that jerk smiling while photobombing. That’s the good side of doing what you want to do. This feels like there’s no one that can stop you. Freedom, as you might say. But don’t worry kid, you can also do this by the time you grow up. Kudos to the jerk!

34. Rock on!

We know that working in an office for longer hours can be boring. All you do there is sit and work and then go home after. But nothing beats when you go have fun in your office, like this dude right here. I wonder if it’s his boss or co worker but whoever she is, he still had the guts to do photobombing with that heavy metal horn. You rock dude!

35. Excuse me.

This ostrich owned these girls! I think the one that the bird covered up is trying to feed the others, but this ostrich seems unhappy of them. Maybe they didn’t feed her? Still, this bird knows how to pose on a camera. I just hope she didn’t chase them out.

36. Hey! let me join you girls please?

What a view! If that kid has a old mind he might enjoy the view from the bottom too. Where can he see 8 mountains in a street? Let’s just hope that none of these girls is his mother, because that could be really awkward.