The Funniest PhotoBombs Ever

10. I wonder what this man is thinking about wonder woman?

I guess this guy see something wrong in this girl’s wonder woman costume? Maybe because wonder woman never wear those sleeves. Well yeah, wonder woman never wear sleeves. But man, why are you looking down low? You see something else?

11. Look! I’m with Ellen!

Everyone wants to have a picture with one of the most famous talk show hosts, Ellen DeGeneres. Well, this girl did everything she can to have a picture with her. You can see the joy in her face and she want to have fun with Ellen too. I wonder what Ellen has to say when she saw this picture.

12. Oh look it’s you lungs! Let me take a picture with them.

This girl or boy take  photobombing to the next level. This is what you call, x-selfie ray. I hope the radiation of the x-ray won’t affect the photobomber’s eyes. But we can’t deny that he or she has a very unique idea of photobombing, right? Kuddos to this fella!

13. Say cheese!

We know that sometimes taking photos on a underwater theme park is prohibited, but this guy surely had a great experience. We don’t usually see a sea creature photo bombing. Maybe this fella is in a good mood for taking pictures and the flash did not bother him at all.

14. Steve carell is a lucky guy.

I wonder what is she doing in her bra. Maybe, it’s a new one and she is just giving it a try. But girl, someone is watching behind you. But don’t mind him,  it’s just Steve Carell who’s watching you. Maybe you should watch him watching you too.