Full House Cast: Then And Now


One of the most beloved family shows back in the 1980s, and early 1990s was “Full House.” It was a coming of age sitcom aired on ABC. This charming sitcom focused on the Tanner family. It chronicled the struggles and joy of a widowed father, Danny Tanner, who recruits his brother-in-law and best friend to help raise his three daughters.

While the show never became a critics’ favorite, the series was consistently placed in the top 30 and gained more popularity in syndicated reruns. But if you’re a fan of the show then you’re probably curious to find out where your favorite Full House casts are now. We’ve got the answer for you. Read on to get updated.

12. Mary-Kate Olsen as Michelle Tanner

Mary-Kate and her twin sister Ashley were cast on the show they were only nine months old! When Full House first started, most viewers didn’t recognize that the character of Michelle was being played by two babies instead of one. Ultimately the secret came out, and by the time Mary-Kate and Ashley were 7-years-old, they founded their production company, Dualstar. Their company produced films, shows, magazines, and video games, all for the primary audience of the pair, young girls.

This happened even before Full House was over. The twins were already setting themselves up for an early retirement. By the time they left the series, the Olsens were millionaires, and by the time they were 17, it was estimated that they were worth $150 million each.

When Full House ended, and several years of owning a huge media corporation, Mary-Kate and Ashley sister decided that they wanted to focus less on acting and more on fashion. So, they started their fashion empire. They did this due to the media’s frenzy in what the twins were wearing. After all, they were the current IT girls. These days, Mary-Kate is now married and still working in fashion or just enjoying her wealth.

11. Ashley Olsen as Michelle Tanner

Ashley Olsen, the older twin by two minutes, co-starred as Michelle Tanner on Full House. Much her history in Hollywood is not far from Mary-Kate as they do almost everything together. But aside from the Olsen twins, there is a total of six children in the Olsen household, and Mary-Kate and Ashley’s younger sister, Elizabeth, and older brother, Trent, are also into acting.

Ashley considers herself to be down to earth, thanks to her upbringing, even though she is a multi-millionaire at such a young age. According to her, things such as coming from a large family and having to wear false teeth when filming Full House has helped her to keep her feet on the ground.

When the girls started on Full House, they were just babies, but, as they grew older, producers discovered that Mary-Kate was the sister who was best at the funny scenes, but Ashley was best at the more serious scenes. After her Full House days, Ashley attended NYU for a short time but never earned her college degree.

Instead, with her sister, she created a fashion empire and even wrote a book in 2008 that featured interviews with fashion icons that the girls look up to. She considered returning to acting a bit after that, without Mary-Kate, but by 2010, the girls announced that they were permanently retired from acting. 

10. Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit as Alex Katsopolis

Another set of twins were cast in the show. They played the twin sons of Jesse and Becky Katsopolis. The two were born in the season five episode “Happy Birthday, Babies,” on the date of Michelle’s fifth birthday. Becky named Alex after a high school teacher who inspired her to venture into a career in journalism. After Full House, Dylan lied low in front of the camera.

He is still working in Hollywood, but instead of being in front of the camera, he is at home behind the camera working with sounds. He has a successful career as a foley artist, a sound guy who puts natural sounds into film or television to enhance the reality of e film.

Sounds like breaking glass or swishing glass. Some of the projects he has worked on include Black Sails and Midnight, Texas. He has also won two Emmys for his work on Black Sails and Game of Thrones.

9. Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit as Nicky Katsopolis

The other twin, on the other hand, Jesse chose to name Nicky after his father, for giving him great hair. They both have strawberry-blond hair and are fun-loving toddlers, with a small difference between them. Nicky is more quiet and sweet, while Alex is more outspoken and mischievous. They often repeat each other’s words.

These days, Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit is largely out of the spotlight. He, along with his brother, Dylan, last appeared in public on an episode of Fuller House in 2016. The boys got the roles of Nicky and Alex when they were only a year old, and they remained on the show until it ended. They were almost five then. Both of the boys retired after working on Full House and for the most part, grew up out of the limelight. They both graduated from high school in 2009.