Fresh, Rare Photos Of Celebs Long Before They Were Famous

If you’ve got star quality, it will naturally shine through (or so they say). Yet, if you take a look at these youngsters, pictured a long time before many of them were famous, it doesn’t seem to be so obvious.

Here we have old pics of some of the world’s best-known actors, politicians and musicians. Pretty much the only thing that they have in common is how decidedly ordinary they all looked when they were young.

They could be the kid next door or the one sitting on the bus next to you today. These incredible images tell us one thing – you never know whose door thatĀ fame will knock on.

12 The Pebble

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was definitely shaping up to be the man that he became at the age of 15, but he’s not quite the awe-inspiring wrestler and actor of his future years either. Soon after this photo was taken, he’d go on to college on a full athletic scholarship.