Foxy and Fit: The 12 Hottest Women in Professional Sports

Want a woman who’s gorgeous enough to make your knees quiver and strong enough to kick your ass? Women’s sports may not always get the same amount of media coverage as men’s sports do, but they definitely have a way of grabbing your attention. From soccer to surfing, female athletes have to be in peak physical condition in order to reach the top of their game — and it doesn’t hurt that they look good while doing it, too.

Which sports draw the foxiest females? We’re counting down the 12 hottest athletes across the board (and the beauty in slide #5 comes from a sport you’d never expect).

#12 Alana Blanchard (Surfing)

Sun and surf definitely make for a winning combo when it comes to beach-kissed beauty, and Hawaiian-born surfer Alana Blanchard makes it look so effortless. Not only does she design her own line of swimwear, she also models it herself. Unsurprisingly, her bikini-clad Instagram account boasts over 1.8 million followers.