She Found Out She Was Pregnant. What She Did Next Made Her The Most Hated Woman In The World

Learning that you are going to be a mother is usually a special time in someone’s life. You start to plan a future with your child and can’t wait to watch that child grow up.

Women who become pregnant also look to their own health during pregnancy and focus on trying to ensure that their child’s arrival in life will be as safe as possible.

Unfortunately, there is an exception to this rule. Her name is Josie Cunningham and she’s the most hated woman in Britain. This is her truly disgusting story. You simply won’t believe that any pregnant mom could behave like this.

10. Meet Josie Cunningham


This is Josie Cunningham. She is a British glamor model with a history of making ludicrous statements and acting outrageously. Her first act of insanity was to cheat the British taxpayer by lying to her doctors over her reasons for wanting a breast enlargement. She pretended to have been bullied but would later admit it was so she could have a career modeling in the nude.

If you think that’s bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.