They Found A Cooler Floating In A Lake. No One Could Have Guessed What Was Inside

Summer is a season where anything seems possible and for this group of friends, they experienced one of those magic summer moments. Most groups of friends escape to beaches, lake houses, or hang out by rivers, to toss their cares to the side for a few days. These friends were prepared to do just that but while they were relaxing they didn’t anticipate that they would be confronted with a potentially scary scenario.

It happened when they were relaxing down by the river and saw a cooler floating by. What they found next gave this group the shock of their lives.

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10. An Usual Object Floats Down The River


One of the guys thought he spotted an Igloo cooler floating on down the river. As you can see, it wasn’t hard to spot the cooler given its size and the fact that it was out of place. Immediately, one of the guys took his cell phone to record what happened next.

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