Forget Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Commercial: These Ads Were Way Worse!

Clearly, the decision-makers at Pepsi thought the recent Kendall Jenner ad was a slam-dunk winner. The ad depicts young people from various backgrounds leaving the grind of their day-to-day lives to join a protest movement. Kendall Jenner walks away from her modeling shoot and ends up handing a Pepsi to a cop. Yeah, that’s super cheesy, and many people hate the ad for co-opting recent protests to sling sugar water.

As bad as this ad is, it’s not even close to being the most tasteless of offensive ad in the history of advertising. Starting with slide #10, you’ll see that ads can go much lower in concept. Slide #6 is disgraceful.

10. Fashion Addicted Stoned Models

Many young girls dream of growing up and becoming fashion models. This ad goes out of its way to show girls why they should aspire to another profession. Someone must have been sniffing something illegal when this ad was conceived. These models look like drug-addled zombies headed for life as washed-up former fashion darlings.