Fitness Blogger Neglects Her Shaving For A Year, Sticks It To Haters With These Pics

5. Mikenas Feels More Beautiful Than Ever


She was weary of growing out her body hair at first, but now she realizes that she feels her best in her most natural state. She is living as she was intended to be, and she has built so much confidence since deciding to stop shaving. She encourages others to embrace the skin that they are in.

4. This Blogger Wants To Empower Other Women

Mikenas assures viewers that she is not suggesting that everyone should immediately stop shaving, but she is rather encouraging other women to make their own choices when it comes to how they feel most comfortable. She insists that it’s okay to go against societal standards and see what works best for you. Slide #2 reveals that Mikenas has influenced others to embrace body hair as well!

3. She Reveals That Her Biggest Support Is Her Boyfriend

Mikenas owes some of her confidence to her boyfriend’s love and support. “He thinks that I look beautiful either way,” she states, and he encourages her to do whatever makes her feel best. Now that’s some solid support, and he isn’t the only one showing this fitness blogger some unconditional love!

2. This Fitness Blogger’s Friends Are Supporting The Movement

Mikenas states that being surrounded by women with similar ideas about beauty standards has helped her to stay true to herself. One of her friends posted this selfie, embracing her natural body hair with a smile. It’s all about loving yourself in your own skin, and women everywhere are starting to get comfortable with the idea of ditching society’s beauty standards.

1. Morgan Mikenas Is An Inspiration To Women Everywhere

“The beauty that is on the inside and the outside” is what is most important to Mikenas. She encourages everyone to embrace whatever makes them feel beautiful, even if that means going off the beaten path of what is considered beautiful to most. Here’s to feeling fabulous just the way you are!