Fitness Blogger Neglects Her Shaving For A Year, Sticks It To Haters With These Pics

Whether we believe it or not, society instills standards of beauty into our brains at a very young age. Through watching television shows and scrolling through our social media feeds we are constantly viewing the ideal body and how society feels we should look. Some women are standing up against this narrow sense of beauty and paving their own way.

One young fitness blogger is changing the way we see natural beauty by embracing her body hair, and her message to other women is truly inspiring. She isn’t afraid to show her body in its natural state. You won’t believe her selfie in slide #7!

10. The World Of Fitness Is All About Appearances


It’s all about good form, a lot of reps, and looking sleek and toned. This is especially important to social media stars and bloggers that specialize in providing fitness-related content. One fitness blogger is defying society’s stereotypes by embracing how she feels most beautiful, and it’s pretty epic.

9. Morgan Mikenas Is Defying Society’s Standard Of Beauty

Mikenas is a fitness blogger that made the bold decision to stop shaving her hair a few years ago. She explains her entire thought process on her decision through her YouTube video entitled “Why I Don’t Shave,” and she is definitely turning some heads with her confidence in slide #4!

8. Mikenas Recalls Feeling Self-Conscious About Body Hair

The fitness blogger remembers getting bullied in middle school. She would wear shorts during gym class and kids would tease her for the hair on her legs. She would go home and cry, pleading with her mom to allow her to shave her legs. She didn’t realize until more recent years that she was pressured into believing the only way to be beautiful was to shave.

7. Working With Small Children Made Her Realize How Intense Societal Pressure Can Be

After she decided to stop shaving she began to work in the field of childcare. On days when she would take the young children swimming they would ask her why she doesn’t shave her legs. Mikenas was shocked that children as young as five years old were already being taught to follow society’s beauty ideals.

6. This Fitness Fanatic Isn’t Afraid To Show Off Her Unshaven Skin

She boasts of the many skin benefits she has experienced from the ditching the razor. Mikenas claims that her skin is silky smooth because it is no longer being irritated every day. Her body hair is rather soft instead of rough like she imagined it would be. Slide #3 shows that she has her fair share of supporters in her plight to go against the grain!