Her Fiancé Dumped Her For Being ‘Fat,’ Now She Has The Ultimate Revenge Body

Who doesn’t love a fitness success story? Jennifer Atkin is one of many, but hers has a sad-yet-triumphant twist: Her fiancé Tom ended their engagement because she was overweight.

Not only did Jennifer dodge a bullet by moving on without him, but she became even better. After hitting the gym and working hard on a healthy diet, she traded up for sexy.

10. Not ’Til Death Do Us Part

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’Til death do us part, right? Wrong.

At 24 years old, Jennifer Atkin weighed 243 pounds and admitted that she was a size 22 couch potato. An unhealthy diet, very little physical activity, and the stress of modern life all contributed to her weight gain.

Weddings are difficult to plan, of course…