Father Says Daughter Isn’t Perfect, Until He Realizes True Meaning Of The Word

We like to think we have control over the direction of our lives. We have a certain set of beliefs that we think will never change. Change is frightening sometimes. Many of our beliefs are often preconceived notions based on prejudices we learned at a very young age.

Heath White felt his life was perfect until his unborn daughter was going to be born less-than-perfect. Life took Heath into a dark place before he realized what was really important and what the true definition of “perfect” really was. Find out what drastically changed Heath’s perspective throughout the next 12 slides.



12. Heath Always Strived For Perfection

Heath White had always striven for perfection throughout his life. The pilot who became FBI agent wanted everything in his life to be without fault. White’s real test came when he found out his wife Jennifer was pregnant with their second child, Paisley. His reaction in slide #11 might surprise you.