Fart Facts You Need To Know Before You Rip Your Next One

Farting is fun! But also a bit strange, if you think about it. Everyone does it (and fairly frequently). But since they come out the backside and don’t usually smell awesome, farts have a worse reputation than other gasses that leave our bodies (like burps, for instance).

Many people try to hide their farts as much as humanly possible on account of their grossness. Smelly or not, farts are a totally normal part of life. Here are a few crazy facts about farting that you’ve probably never heard before.

You’re going to feel really powerful and mighty when you read fart fact #6.

7. The Average Person Farts 14 Times A Day

The average person farts 14 times a day. It’s just the body’s way of getting rid of excess air. The amount of farting that you do might increase based on your habits like the type of food you eat and whether you scarf your food down so quickly that a bunch of air comes with it.

6. Farts Actually Travel 7 MPH

If you’ve ever caught a blast of your own wind, you’ve probably wondered how fast those farts are actually flying. Farts actually travel out your butt at seven miles per hour, which is pretty impressive. That’s considered a run on the treadmill which means your fart could potentially beat you in a race.

5. Only 1% Of The Fart Smells

Farts can be incredibly smelly, but only one percent of that toot actually stinks. The rest of the air coming out has no scent at all. Good thing, can you imagine how much they would stink up the place if the entire thing smelled bad? Holy crap (pun only slightly intended). Wait until you get to #1 to hear whose farts smell the worst.

4. The Word “Fart” Dates Back To 1632

The word fart comes from the Old English word “feortan.” It’s a little more musical than the modern version. The word “feortan” not surprisingly means “break wind.” People have been using the word “fart” since 1632. No word on when the more popular nicknames started coming about, but some of them probably originated shortly thereafter.

3. You Fart Enough Each Day To Fill A Balloon

The average person farts so much each day that they emit about enough gas enough to fill a latex balloon. Who needs to waste their breath blowing up a balloon when they can just catch it on the other end? Kidding. Please don’t do that for the sake of whoever you’re giving that balloon to.