Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cordless Strimmer

Strimmers are versatile tools that help gardeners create beautiful and uniform edges and trim around hard terrain areas, for instance, garden ornaments and trees. The must-have tools will also help you clear bigger patches of wild rough vegetation.

You’ll equally find them valuable in instances where a lawnmower is unsuitable. Cordless strimmers have increasingly become popular among gardeners because of their fast charging times, low-maintenance, and longer run times.

If you’re looking to revamp your garden but can’t seem to decide on which strimmer to buy, read on to know some points that might be helpful to choose the best cordless strimmers in the market.

Things to know before buying a strimmer


Voltage is a significant facet to consider when buying this tool. Anyone with a basic grasp of electricity knows that higher voltages yield more power, and it isn’t uncommon to find contemporary trimmers with voltages up to 80v, surpassing that of most cordless power tools. However, you should weigh this up against compatibility with other tools you might own already.

Battery Capacity

Although the voltage establishes the amount of power your tool is capable of, the batteries offer the runtime to accomplish your strimming duties. You can gauge this by examining the Ah rating offered. Higher numbers mean it will take a longer period before your battery requires recharging. Professional landscapers will most likely want to invest in elevated Ah rated batteries and maintain some fully-charged spares standby to make sure they can continue operating during the day.

Accessories and Variants

Inexperienced or first-time users might want to watch for other considerations based on the work they need to do. If you want to clear heavier foliage, it might be worth buying a brush cutter. These are generally meant for fitting with a line for trimming grass or a heavier duty cutter blade for intensive clearing tasks.

It’s worth considering the tool’s shape. Some users prefer a curved design because they find it more comfortable, although a straight shaft provides improved access when working beneath obstacles such as shrubs.

Similarly, if you’re especially short or tall, it might be worth examining the machine’s total length or whether it comprises an adjustable shaft to allow comfortable operation. Remember, brush cutters and trimmers can throw up stones and other debris from your work area, so you must always ensure you have some kind of eye protection before you begin using the tool.

Aspects of a Cordless Strimmer

Lightweight and Ease of Use

With the extra fuel to carry, petrol strimmers are typically heavy, making garden work labor-intensive. On the other hand, a battery-powered strimmer is lighter and well balanced, giving you the liberty of effortless movement. This makes it less strenuous to reach around and up to large or tall hedges.

You’ll also find that they provide the flexibility to move around the garden effortlessly, making trimming both fast and efficient. It’s worth noting that cordless strimmers don’t vibrate as intensely as petrol models. Moreover, you can use them comfortably over a prolonged period; this makes gardening enjoyable rather than tiring.

Quiet Operation

Cordless tools are much quieter, meaning you’ll work in a more pleasant setting while sustaining your hedges. In some instances, this eliminates the need for wearing ear protectors throughout. Noise pollution might not be so problematic in a vast garden. However, you’ll prefer a quieter model if you have a smaller garden surrounded by neighbors.

Longer Lasting

Another benefit of purchasing a cordless strimmer is the capacity to buy extra batteries and change them out as required. This factor alone makes it worthwhile to invest in a cordless strimmer because you’ll obtain considerable time out of it. If you need extra power to work on the garden, you could always swap the depleted battery for a fully-charged one.

A well-maintained and neatly garden with plant-filled borders is every gardener’s dream. However, you need a strimmer to enjoy a picturesque garden. Since they come in various brands and features, the decision might overwhelm you. Thankfully, this list will draw you closer to choosing the best cordless strimmers.