Extreme Selfies Taken By Everyday Individuals

Since the existence of social media, people are constantly finding ways to gain as many hearts, likes, and tweets from active internet users. Whether they’re simply bored out of their minds or want to feel completely special or different, people are going beyond their comfort zones to show the world (while getting a much deserved attention) that they can do a lot of things to impress the internet audience. Despite the painful consequences, these folks from different walks of life decided it’s a good idea to take selfies to the extreme — all in the name of impressing their friends and fans. Are they simply nuts? Or are they just plain nuts? It’s on you to decide!

1. Jumping from a Diving Board

Batch 3- Extreme Selfies Taken By Everyday Individuals- Jumping from a Diving Board

Everyone loves a good swim. It’s even better when it involves hopping off from a diving board. But jumping from a very high diving board while taking a selfie? That’s taking it to another level.