Experienced Big Game Hunter Gets Crushed By Elephant Killed By His Safari Group

5. Game Hound Pioneer


Theunis Botha is a renowned hunter in Africa who supposedly perfected leopard and lion hunting safaris with hounds. He was a pioneer in the excursion and was known for his safety record. His company Game Hounds Safaris was one of the most popular companies to hunt with in Zimbabwe, Africa.

4. Botha’s Big Game Trophy Hunting Safaris


Botha would traverse the United States recruiting wealthy hunters. The experience led many Americans to Africa where they would attempt to target a big game trophy to mount on their walls. He was really good at his job. He was about to learn the full weight of his profession in #3.

3. Spotting A Herd Of Elephants


In May 2017, 51-year-old Botha brought a hunting group to Gwai, Zimbabwe. The safari brought them to a herd of breeding elephants. The group immediately whipped out their firearms and began shooting at the large animals. Three of the elephants got spooked and started charging at the hunters.

2. Loss Of Lives


As they shot the animals, one lifted Botha up in the air with her trunk and dropped him on the ground. The hunting group shot at the animal until it ended its life. The elephant collapsed and landed right on top of Botha, crushing him under her enormous weight. Let’s discuss what this means for big game hunting in #1.

1. Learning A Valuable Lesson


Like Ponzetto, Botha died instantly while attempting to hunt for sport. Both men tried to fight with nature and nature fought right back. It’s a tragic situation and it’s hard not to feel for the hunter’s family. It is also difficult to find sympathy for people who lose their lives while trying to take a life for the fun of it.

Any activity involving firearms requires safety and focus. The insane part of the two stories we have discussed is that neither of the hunters died at the hands of their human-made weapons. Their deaths can be attributed to clumsy walking and trying out luck against a 2-ton animal.

Theunis Botha’s situation is terrible because he had his hunting group fire at an entire herd of elephants. Four of those gigantic creatures charged the group. Botha’s pride allowed him to get grabbed by the immense trunk. Ironically, he lost his life because his tour group was trying to save it.