She Was Expecting Twins, But What Doctors Found On Her Ultrasound …

Many couples get married in hopes of having a baby and starting a family one day. To them, this is the culmination of many years of love and commitment. For some couples, though, their pregnancy journey doesn’t go quite as expected. Modern medical technology certainly helps to keep babies and expecting mothers safe, but sometimes it takes a little bit of luck as well.

Take the Hansen family for instance. Just when they thought everything was going well, things took a crazy, unexpected turn after a routine visit at the doctor’s office. Just a warning as you click through — you’ll want to have the tissues ready!


Years of Waiting


Lisa and Darren Hansen were a young, recently married couple living in British Columbia, Canada. By most accounts, they were living the dream! Unfortunately, they struggled to get pregnant. After three hard years of trying, they were finally successful! Plus, much to their surprise, they were having two twin girls!