Everybody Is Freaking Out About This 150-Year-Old Secret Discovered By Construction Workers

#13 The Experts Were Called

006--13-the-experts-were-called-265517One Skanska executive told the news that although throughout his time at the company, he’s discovered his fair share of interesting things. But this discovery was so unique that they felt it definitely necessary to call in experts to help the crew discover just how such a unique discovery made its way to this particular construction site.

#12 It Was A Shipwreck

007--12-it-was-a-shipwreck-265510It wasn’t just one small thing that workers found that day, but an entire ship that had wrecked on the shore! Imagine just going about your day and trying to build a building when instead you discover an entire ship preserved beneath the site! How long had it been sitting there? How had it gotten there in the first place? The workers were dying to know, but they’d soon find out.

#11 They Had To Work Quick

008--11-they-had-to-work-quick-265506Once archaeologists made it to the scene, they knew that they had to work as quickly as possible. This wasn’t just any ordinary discovery that they could pick up and take to a safe spot to explore further. It was a very delicate discovery that they had to keep where it was and learn as much as they could about the discovery until construction had to resume. Would they get what information they needed?

#10 It Was A Puzzle

009--10-it-was-a-puzzle-265504The explorers began by taking photos of each of the parts of the ship. They could only discover one section at a time, not sure what possible pieces they might be missing. They had to basically rebuild the ship as best as they could, as they were only able to find one section at a time. But they are experts and weren’t ready to just give up on the discovery quite yet.

#9 They Found A Solution

010--9-they-found-a-solution-265502The discovery was on such a large site that the workers were having trouble getting what they could from the shipwreck. In order to make sure they would have what they needed to explore the wreck, they called in experts from Cambridge to take a 3D scan of the ship. This way they would be able to examine it further while appeasing pressures from executives of the construction company.