Everybody Is Freaking Out About This 150-Year-Old Secret Discovered By Construction Workers

011--8-now-they-have-a-record-265500Construction workers usually have a pretty simple job. It’s hard work, but often times they know exactly what needs to be done so not much exciting happens. But when it does, it can be really exciting! Building new projects often requires digging around some land that might not have been touched before. Everyone knows that if you dig deep enough, you’re bound to find something interesting. Well, that was definitely the case for these construction workers who were able to dig up a 150-year-old secret! Click ahead to find out what exactly they found. You won’t believe it!

#18 It Was Just A Normal Day On The Job

001--18-it-was-just-a-normal-day-on-the-job-265543It was May of 2016 when Boston construction workers were going about their average day of building. But out of nowhere, they made an astonishing discovery they wouldn’t believe could possibly be located on the site they were building. It was a rare discovery that caused quite the excitement around the construction site. You won’t believe what they found…

#17 This Was The Most Priceless Thing On The Site

002--17-this-was-the-most-priceless-thing-on-265541The location they were building on was on the waterfront. The area was home to plenty of fancy restaurants and high-rise condos. Billions of dollars have been invested in creating such a luxurious area so there was plenty of construction going on. But no money could have been spent to find what those construction workers found that day.

#16 Skanska Is The Company

003--16-skanska-is-the-company-265536The company hired to do the project is Skanska. It’s the company responsible for other commercial development projects, such as The World Trade Center Transportation Hub. They are reportedly the fifth largest construction company in the country. Their discovery might have helped set them ahead of others just a bit as you will see on the next slides!

#15 The Building Is For Offices

004--15-the-building-is-for-offices-265532For this particular project, construction workers were set to build a 17-story office building. It is going to be within walking distance to the Seaport District. Although the project was just for another very typically average office building, the discovery below the site will definitely help add to the uniqueness and individuality of the building for its lifetime.

#14 Everything Stopped

005--14-everything-stopped-265522When you’re the fifth largest company in the country, you can’t really just stop construction whenever you want. You need to be sure to constantly work to meet and make deadlines. However, when construction workers made such an incredible discovery, they took it upon themselves to be sure to halt construction and really explore just what they found.