Every Stereotype This Sexy “Dwarf” Is Crushing [PICS]

7. Dwarfs Are “Social Outcasts”

This stereotype that dwarfs are social outcasts is not applicable to Lemos’ life. Her social media accounts are full of friends, family and fans. Usually, what keeps little people from socializing is the predispositions of society and its cruelty. People like Katrina are breaking the timidity the rest of the people with dwarfism have to truly engage this life. She’s fearless!

6. Heightism Isn’t A Thing

Wrong. Heightism is indeed a real discrimination. Any time you see a little person and think of them as less desirable mentally and physically because of their height, you’re the living definition of heightism. Karina has cured many. “I know that people find me attractive, because they have told me so many times,” she said.  Keep scrolling to find out more about what this sexy dwarf does for a living.

5. Dwarfs Have Low Self-Esteem

The reason Karina’s story is big news: self-esteem. She has it and she’s passing it along to other women with dwarfism. She’s passing it along to other women in general. The message is: you can attract the eyes of the world by being who you are. When was the last time you saw a female dwarf attract the attention of the whole world? That’s why Karina’s story is everywhere. We all want female heroes who defy beauty standards. Thanks, Karina.

4. Dwarfs Are Un-Athletic

One of the biggest stereotypes Ms. Lemos has rejected is the notion that she’s supposed to be unathletic because she’s a little person. When being reminded of the stereotypes in an interview, she laughed and said, “I put in a lot of hard work to stay in shape.” Karina is a professional dancer. There is nothing unathletic about that.

3. Dwarfs Shouldn’t Have Children

Dwarfs absolutely have the right to have children. If both parents have Achondroplasia, it’s a 50% chance their child will have dwarfism. If one parent has the gene, then the likelihood is 25%. It is possible for two “average-height” individuals with no history of achondroplasia to have a child with dwarfism. There’s no way to confirm the height of Karina’s parents, but she’s been on Brazilian television talking about starting a family of her own with her bae. I’m sure Karina will raise their child to be as confident as she.