Every Stereotype This Sexy “Dwarf” Is Crushing [PICS]

There are roughly 60,000 people on the earth living under 4’10” tall leading healthy, productive lives. They can be found in every country and are of every race. In the past, even the recent past, people with dwarfism have been terribly mistreated and even looked upon in disgust, but television and social media have started to shine light on what it’s really like to live with dwarfism.

The acceptance has become so widespread that it’s even become a source of envy for us…”average-sized” people.

Meet Karina Lemos, an actress/model/dancer who’s crushing every stereotype you’ve ever heard about dwarfism and paving the way for other individuals with dwarfism to follow their dreams. Dubbed “sexiest little person on earth,” Mrs. Lemos has some things she’d like us all to know.

12. Dwarfs Are Freaks Of Nature

Why are dwarfs dubbed “freaks of nature?” Dwarfism is not a disability and it’s not a disease. The only differences between dwarfs and “non-dwarfs” are cosmetic differences. In the case of Karina Lemos, those cosmetic differences are way too good to be true. Sure, she can be categorized as a freak, but it’s the kind of freak you’d like.